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Fixed on-off air conditioners are powered by a single-speed compressor. Its speed cannot be adjusted according to the heat load of a room and therefore it works at fixed frequency. When the desired room temperature is reached, it switches off. When the thermostat detects that room temperature has deviated from the selected temperature, the compressor restarts at full capacity.
These motors are very sturdy, easier to control than modern inverter motors, which are designed to adjust their frequency according to the heat load of the room.  For example, if the difference between room temperature and the desired temperature is very large, the compressor will start at maximum frequency. As the temperature delta decreases, the compressor will gradually reduce its speed until it switches off.
Internal lab calculations on the Olimpia Splendid range show that inverter motors can absorb up to 30% less energy than the motor of an On-off air conditioner. Inverter control is obviously more complex and expensive.

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